A performing arts TRAlNING AND SUPPORT CLUB like no other!

Pros From The Shows founder and inspirational workshop leader Layton Williams has set up a unique performing arts ‘Sunday’ club, to provide the ultimate safe space to train and explore whilst working on your craft. 
Pros From The Shows professionals will teach new and amazing skills and techniques, enhance existing knowledge and work to your performing needs up to and beyond audition level.
Slay Club will run 6 sessions per year for ages 8- 18yrs) that will include masterclasses and training sessions of 4 hours every other month with special events for Winter and Summer!  There will be year-round online access training and support via the Slay Club Performing Artists and on our Pros From The Shows website!



Durham, London or Manchester


Durham, London or Manchester

The cost is £250 to £350 per annum, payable in instalments or as a one off payment. Special discount is applied for one off payment on the open day!

All money goes into our Slay Club fund.

PFTS will be sponsoring 3 performers to join Slay Club.

Scholarships are available

Please let us know if you missed out and want to sign up. It’s not too

By joining Slay Club, you become a member of a performing arts family and a community that will nurture and support the real performing you.

Slay Club can just be a safe space to come explore and let your hair down around like-minded (stagey) people. It’s time to start living your best life! 🕺🏾


The cost is £250 to £350 per annum payable in instalments or as a one off payment. Special discount is applied for one off payment on the open day!

Slay club will run every other month, on a Sunday… So 6 times a year (officially) but hopefully with some additional theatre trips thrown in!

Don’t panic! We will be releasing info on how to show us what you’re made of digitally so everyone has a chance to shine and is able to secure a place at our club.

Don’t worry… Here at PFTS we are very passionate about giving opportunities to people from all backgrounds. Layton himself was lucky enough to have scholarships throughout his training as a student, so we hope to be able to offer some sort of assistance when possible thanks to some generous sponsors.

We will have a wide variety of teachers at every SLAY CLUB. PROS from the SHOWS at the top of their game in the performing industry. From West End to TV & Film stars. Layton will be bringing in his friends and close colleagues to inspire the students. Each session will have a PRO but you’ll also have regular teachers for some classes too.

Below is a rough schedule of how each club will run.
  • Group Warm Up
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Acting
  • PRO Workshop
With each age group on rotation and breaks throughout.

We want everyone to be able to express themselves freely and wear what they feel most comfortable. However we will suggest wearing at least one item of our uniform. Whether it be a hoodie, joggers, crop, cap, tee – do your thing and style it as you like! Plus, its gonna look fierce anyways!

We hope to have 3 age groups from 8 – 18!